How to Build a Cat Cage

Isaac W. Foraker

Table of Contents

Disclaimer for How To Build a Cat Cage
1. Required Tools
Recommended Tools
2. Materials
3. Tips
4. Cutting the base corners
5. Building the floor
6. Building the frame
7. Installing the wheels
8. Installing some tile
9. Building the long shelf
10. Building the top shelf
11. Building the bottom shelf
12. Building the top door
13. Building the bottom door
14. Building the lid
15. Finishing up
A. After Thoughts
B. Feedback


This howto describes one possible model for building a cat cage (or Kitty Condo, as some like to call them). The cage presented in these plans will be 4' wide by 2' deep by approximately 4' 4' tall (depending on the size of the wheels).