Chapter 3. Tips

Read through all the instructions before beginning.

Make sure you review the "Afterthoughts" chapter before you get too far into the project. If you want to add any of the features I mention, they will be easier to add before the cage is together.

Use the pictures of the completed page as a reference when you are not sure where a shelf or door should go.

This does not need to be a solo project. Things may go a lot smoother if two people work on it together.

Use your safety goggles. You never know when a stray splinter, dust, or chicken wire might hit you in the eye.

Measure twice. Cut once.

An electric screw driver or drill will make things go a lot faster.

Put a drop or two of wood glue on joints before screwing them together. This will help make the cage more durable and stable.

Make sure all joints are screwed together tightly. If there is a gap between the joints, remove the screw and try again.

Keep your cage clean for a healthy cat!